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created for a this before you continue

Children and persons portrayed in the following examples did not commit any fault. It will be utterly wrong to think that innocent humans are being punished. It is Not a cruelty by God to create them this way. Those are employed by God as an example for the rest of humanity to highlight the punishment that awaits oppressors in hell and to deter many people from oppression and infidelity. Another reason is to guide us to the location of genes that cause these impairments and to prevent and treat these illnesses.  .God the Merciful can only be amended with them on the Day of Resurrection and may repay them the best reward in Heaven.

"We send down in the Holy Book that which is a healing and a mercy to those who believe" 17:82


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Index summary


I- Birth Defects Examples

Short Stature and short hands (SHOX gene)

Missing Limbs

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

Skin Defect (half colored)

Facial Dysmorphia

Forehead Anomaly (Frontal Bossing)

Abnormal Facial Features 1

Abnormal Facial Features 2

Neck Anomaly (Torticollis)

Clenched Hands

Caudal Appendage (Human Tail)

Hirsutism (Facial Hair and Dysmorphia)

Cleft Lip

Corneal Opacity with ear and heart problems

Spina Bifida


Cardiac, ear and eye defect

Crossed Eyes

Cheek Anomaly (unknown gene)

Protruding Eyes (unknown gene)

Melanosis (unknown gene)

Phace Association (Black patches on Face) (unknown gene)

Sturge-Weber Syndrome (Red Face on one Side) (unknown gene)

Forehead and back patches (unknown gene)

Conjoined Twins (unknown gene)

Raging face (unknown gene)

Tall Stature (Gigantism)


II- Brain Diseases

Cortical Blindness


Bipolar Syndrome 1

Manic Depression

Low Self Esteem


Self Isolation

Self Destructive Behavior

Cluster Phobia/Suicidal Ideation

Alzheimer Disease

Alzheimer and growth factor

Suicidal Ideation

Isolation and Despair


Feeling of Misery



III- Brain Functions

Circadian Rhythm

Episodic Memory


IV- Body Functions

Olfactory System

Male Hormones

Iron/Pirin Metabolism Gene

V- Vision Anomalies

Night Blindness

Night/Color Blindness


VI- Cardiovascular Defects

Cardiac Stifness

VII- Multiple Defects

Multiple defects 1